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(opens door and enters house)

Jenna: I’m home! (looks around) Mom! Dad! Anyone? (walks over to living room and takes off backpack and turns on tv) Nobody's home. (sits down) Wonder where they are?

~Driving car

Mom: Shit.

Dad: What is it.

Mom: Jenna must be home already. I wanted us to be home before she did.

Dad: Relax Karen.

Karen: I know, but I wanted to give it to her before she got home.

Dad: It’ll still be a surprise. (sighs) Hard to believe that she finished her freshman year. She needs to stop growing up.

Karen: What are you talking about she’s only like 12.

Dad: Karen we have to accept the fact that she’s growing up.

Karen: You can, she’ll always stay my baby.(baby laughter) Think that’s funny. (baby laughter) KEITH! (car hits something)

~Time passes

(phone rings)

Jenna; Hello.

Karen: Jenna. Listen to me closely. I need you to start packing everything: clothes, food, medicine.

Jenna: Mom what’s going on?

Karen: Just do it, I’ll tell you everything when we get there.

Jenna: Ok.

Karen: Good. I have to go now. I love you.

Jenna: Love you too.[hangs up phone] What the hell is going on?

~car scene

Keith: She packing?

Karen: Yeah, turn left.

Keith: Great, now when we get there we're in and out.

Karen: Got it. [ Car stops]


Jenna: [ zips up bag] Alright. That should do it. God, that only took about 2 hours. Now lets see, I got all the clothes, food, and medicine pack. [ wakes over to tv] Now it’s time to see what’s going on. [ turns on tv]

News: This is an important broadcast, to tell you all that there is a dangerous disease breaking out. We don’t have any specific details about this new disease or how to cure it. All we can tell you is that the disease makes people violent and dangerous. So we advise you all to stay indoors and be safe.[turns off tv]

Jenna: Well I’m fucked. I have a weak immune system. But if they want us to stay home then why are we leaving? [hears car diving in] Time to find out. [runs outside] Mom! Dad! What’s going on? [Karen gets out of car]

Karen: Everything packed?

Jenna: Yeah, but… Is that blood on the car?!

Keith: Get everything in the car. We have to go, once we’re on the road we’ll explain everything, ok.

Jenna:ok. [packs everything into car]Now I have a few questions. One, Is that blood on the car? Two, Why are we leaving?

Savannah: Hey.

Jenna: And three, why is savannah here and how for that matter?

Keith: I’ll be quick. It’s too dangerous to be by the city, and yes that is blood.

Jenna:Why is the city dangerous?

Savannah: I thought you only had a few questions?

Jenna: Shut up! You still haven’t even answered the question about you.And how are you so calm?

Savannah: Another question.

Jenna: Damn it Savannah, I’m trying to be serious!

Savannah: Oh my god! Try looking outside dumbass.

[Jenna looks outside window] [video]

Savannah: See.

Jenna: Zombies.

Savannah: yep zombies.

Karen: Now do understand? It’s too dangerous to stay here, but first we have to get your sister.

Jenna: Is she ok?

Karen: I don’t know. I’ve tried calling her, but she won’t answer.

Jenna: I’ll try texting her.

Phone: J~ Kaylee, you still alive?

         K~ Jenna Help!

Jenna: She’s ok.

Phone: J~ where are you, and are you ok?

          K~I’m ok, but I’m stuck in the music room at my school with some other kids.

          J~calm down we’re on our way, so stay put and wait. gtg

Savannah: So what now?

Jenna: I think I have a plan.

Savannah: Oh dear.

Jenna: Shut up, any way this might work.

Savannah: Ok then lets hear it.

Jenna: Kaylee said that she was trapped in the music room at our old middle school. So saving her should be easy. Then all we have to do is get them out of the nearest exit.

Savannah: How is that a plan.

Jenna: Remember, the music room is near an exit and it can also be our way of getting in.

Savannah: Ok, i see where you're going with this.

Jenna: What I was thinking is that we can come in through one of the exits, and while I’m getting the kids out, you can stand guard and watch for any zombies.

Savannah: That’s a good plan and all but there’s one problem.

Jenna: What?

Savannah: We only have one car, and you said kids. We can’t take them all.

Jenna: You're right. Hey then how about we get a new one.

Savannah: New what?

Jenna: We can take one of the busses. Dad can you hotwire a bus?

Keith: Yeah.

Jenna: Then how about this. While my dad and mom get the bus ready we can the kids.

Savannah: Well it’s better than not having a plan.

[Car drives up to the middle school]

Keith : You two ready.

Savannah and Jenna: Yeah!

[They all get out of the car]

[Running] [Jenna and Savannah are at the door]

Jenna: Ready?

Savannah: Ready.

[Opens door and runs  up to the music room][Kills zombie by the door with knives]

[ Knocks on door]

Jenna: Kaylee open the door.

Kaylee: Jenna?

Jenna: Yeah it’s me, open the door so we can get you out of here.

Kaylee: Ok. [Moving noise]

[Inside of the music room]

Student 1: Hey Kaylee are you sure we can trust them?

Kaylee: Of course, she’s my sister.

Student 2: Ahhhhhhh!

Student 1 : Wha...Oh fuck! Hurry! [ Start to move things more quickly]

Jenna: What’s going on in there?!

[Door opens and kids run out][ Jenna sees the zombie kids and shoots them also the one that were bit] [ Zombies start to come because of the noise]

Savannah: Shit. Jenna!

Jenna: I see them. [zombies start to come out of the gym and they block the exit]


Savannah: What now?

Jenna: Lets go to the exit in the gym.

Savannah: Ok. You go ahead I’ll watch the back.

Jenna: Come on kids. [opens another door  that leads into the gym][running]

Kaylee there should a bus in the front of the school mom and dad will be waiting there.

Kaylee: What about you two?

Jenna: Will be right behind you guys. [ Made it to the door]

GO! [Kids ran outside, heading toward the front] Savannah, Lets go!

Savannah: Go ahead I’ll catch up!

Jenna: Grr. This isn’t the time to play savior.

Savannah: Just get your ass out of here. I don’t plan on dying today.

Jenna: Fine! [leaves]

Savannah: What a pain. [ Runs all the way up to the bleachers][ takes out rope and a grenade from her backpack][ shoots window to make an exit] Eat this assholes! [ She throws the grenade and jumps out of the window] [lands on the ground][sees Jenna]

RUN! [ Runs up to Jenna and they start to run]

Jenna: Why are we runn... [ grenade explodes] What was that!?[Says while running to the bus]

Savannah: A grenade. Look run more talk less. [ Run on to the bus][Bus doors close and they start to leave the middle school][Jenna and Savannah find a spot to sit down]

Karen: You two ok?

Jenna: Barely. Savannah what was up with that grenade?

Karen: She probably got it from the gun shop.

Jenna: Later you guys have to tell me how you met up.

Savannah: Sure. [time passes]

[Wakes up the bus]

Jenna: Hey mom can you tell me how you and dad met up with Savannah.

Karen: Can’t Savannah tell you?

Jenna: She’s kinda busy.[looks in the back of the bus and sees Savannah being pulled by kids]

Karen: Shur I’ll tell you when we get to Megans.

Jenna: Ok.

Savannah: JENNA!

Jenna: Coming![Runs to help Savannah]

[End of Act 1]




United States
I'm a cat loving person that loves to watch anime and plays mmos and rpgs. Something important you should is that my bit is worse then my bark if your on my bad side. So beside that I'm a fun person.


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